Friday, December 02, 2005

Reed Bye

Back at the wheel
--where's your wallet?--
to cancel the journals--
huffing and puffing
is not an affliction of the moon
like God with extra clothing
saying something like "except it moved long ago"
in a code revealed to you later
in an address to
“simulated” witnesses on their way
to an abortion clinic

put on coats
the color
of rabbits
with a soft supple suede leather liner--

Curious to think now
you're home again-- having gone out and
come back—how everything
seemed to point to it,
the tennis ball, the dog, the leftover
greens, the fork and knife
crossed on a bowl, now you see them
against the oncoming traffic of
tunic'd neighbors
to get a basket filled. It causes one
to want to join the planets
because of the rounder motion


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