Friday, December 02, 2005

Reed Bye

Aspects find others that
water phenomena's list or dust
or cradle it
as characters drop
from overlapped
dots spilling
on colored paper.

Simple it used to be complicated--
the back irons of a cart hatch
still can be effectively learned
in mechanics

One spoonful skimmed off some vat
of what drives you. The values it rears
go halfway to things on back legs
choosing among
shrunken or clarified drop-offs
and halfway on sound
when it runs
down a sink trap and rattles

My hope is that
everyone's praying
and that that will work out until
the straightforward question
"Why?" "Why don’t they get it?"
improves feeling to
a total too adjustment

Not by incision in the nape or
through shock to the lobes
not yet anyway
but as a lariat dance
where many ascend with the fire


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