Thursday, December 29, 2005

Kyle Kaufman

the seurat principle.
the chuck close procedure. the move
to tjant

every finite
a ringing dialtone in
the hand of what
i have no word for

is gross gross
gross gröss

no, minute.
a baby fly
in the compost pail

( w i n g s
w / n o
b z z z )

rotten blood rising walk of eye made seen of demon in
ringu extending hand glottal stop

see it again


when i talked to him about it
he didn’t seem disturbed

if subdued – not raw
maybe “thick”, “leaden”

all the downstairs furniture went up, a computer melted, article in the Daily Camera,
Longmont Daily Times-Call, which the unregistered couldn’t read, lease dissolved,
homeless and couch-surfing. Said: “No. Let me take you out to dinner. I insist.” distance
goes all weird, hanging on that line slipping – techno-piso mojado so funny here – was it
mean to laugh?


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