Thursday, December 29, 2005

Kyle Kaufman

lead is used to contain corrodible materials,
ie. sulfuric acid,

under intense pressure,
rocks liquify to absorb a blow,

the code gives out before the logic of nerves
which bear it,

autopsies and gris
ly accidents reveal.

“if you say so, boss”


if everything is tidal, then there
s the possibility of sharks

who see we’re seals

“you can’t send a kid away w/ that. you should be
ashamed of yourself”


we dis shock. we dis disaster. motherfucking TV news show common sense.
an audience applauds. when everything (cue everything) smoked and melted,
the spine goes lead with shock, glass keeps solid for a spell a fireman, holds
what – scorched notebooks, a lamp. Americans in real esate and funds with
stable return

(oh but that’s gone now,

struck by disaster
and still insisting on picking up

the check.
inviting what response

the Voltaire bad boy


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