Friday, December 30, 2005

Anne Waldman

"You lookin?" neighbor shouts. "I've got my sunglasses

"This is what I know about exlipse,"

Yugoslavian girlfriend says darkly,
"I hide form eclipse..."

Don't look straight on, see reflection in window.
sun worshippers fired their eyes
& though Gertrude
Stein stared at the sun it isn't wise.

No another

until year 2017, and one'll be seventy at least

Sun has just moved into birth time of another mother,

Moon crosses sun at time of the fish in mid-life

End of world? If I were a tribe
I'd think it. ]

birds go nuts, expectant

o daytime earth that requires so much light...

but to the ivory moon I say:
Pregnant one I'm with
you in astral sphere,
chirp wisdom, and will descend

or not.

I'm tall lunar lady of substance

making stars move leaping across
the sun and I say to the earth
(if you are beautiful):

Dear Handsome Young World Kissed By The Sun,
Dear Handsome Old Moon Kissed By The Poet
I'll give thee of myself from kee to navel

Wood-painted priestess dance forever in the silvery light
somewhere in Gaul & Britannia

studying night, studying night. Sanity is subject to

moon's rhythms. Night is preferred for meetings
& councils. In the realm of the maternal egg

we are dictated by our blood & live without laws.


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