Friday, December 30, 2005

Anne Waldman

In oval magic, the new-born babe has an egg hat put upon
its head. But it was never the custom for women
to remove their hats, admitting inequality,

that is for me to do. The woman is the
hat, that is to say, the egg.

I take off my woman to you! (& Helen wore her hat to class)

Dear masculine world with ideas, dear feminine world with
ideas & feelings & dear world with creatures
of egg born

"Exitare muros." Awaken the walls, the sleeping males!
Peace and balance nest in the original egg. The seeds
of all things rest in it without recourse to time.

King Tarquin founded his circus near an egg.
I develop eyes in the back of my oval head.

& this is the key:

This is the key of the cave
In the cave there is a realm
In that realm there is a city
In that city there is a town
In that town there is a street
In that street there is an alley
In that alley there is a yard
In that yard there is a house
In that house there is a room
In that room there is a bed
In that bed there is a box
In that box there are some eyes
Eyes in the box
Box in the bed
Bed in the room
Room in the house
House in the yard
Yard in the alley
Alley in the street
Street in the town
Town in the city
City in the realm
Realm in the cave
Of the cave this is the key


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