Friday, December 30, 2005

Anne Waldman

The goddesses of this realm give birth in a miraculous manner, free of the burdens of
menstruation, pregnancy, confinement and nursing. The child is born (appearing on its mother's knees or
hip) at 5 years of age, and the gods or goddesses think, "This is our son," or "This is our daughter." The
child in turn conceives the thought, "These are our fathers," or "These are our mothers." During copulation
the deities of this level unite their bodies but without emission of substance or loss of energy. Sexuality is
casual and easily repeated.

In the Western Continent people experience synesthesia - the eye hears sounds, the ear sees colors. They
perform the sex act only some 10 or 12 times in the course of their lives. Godaniya has a red tone in its
skies and waters, the reflection of the ruby western walls of Mt. Meru.

In the Northern Continent called Keru the women nurse through their fingers.

The people are tranquil and mild in the Eastern Continent.

The Southern Continent is named after the mythical rose-apple tree - jambu.

It's trapezoidal in shape, and like a chariot.

But there's skill in our construction,
our body architecture that now at last
it fits together, sill in the electric
fingers, skill in the eye. Now I know
why caves are female I saw shapes
forming a centimeter every hundred years,
I say the shape of a vulva & the shrouded
ladies in their garden, like corkscrew
flowers, like spirals, widning forever
towards heaven, coiling forever down
towards heaven and the delicate coral-
like formations forming five hundred
million years in the dark &
I saw the shape of someone carrying a bundle
her eyes like fish's, her head was all
Buddha in the slow drip of limestone
in a cavern 20 times blacker than night

if it moves does it breathe? dear Helen...

I flew in there & heard the wind howling
I had the radar of a bat

I dedicate all these words to the Wizard of Ballads
seer of witchly manners and to the development
of solar power

I include "manitou" from Algonquin "manito"
meaning "one has surpassed"

I stand at the end of a mighty kalpa, a
humble practitioner hearing the wind
blow through me in the shadow
of supremacy (of diction & good sense)


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