Friday, December 30, 2005

Anne Waldman

& outside my cave: the rarefied gaseous
envelopes of the sun, and at the end
of the day, telling you again my mind:

I said I can't look at the national news this evening

can't be good in the thought of why get nervous in a
house in a body in a world
Would go further in
Meet me here
It's late for heroical men to be playing poker
come home men
Come home men on a Friday night
over & over

Now I have pleased to give you this
& rent my veil
eyes always intent to look ahead
to some new thing
contumacious, wise, loyal
The whip of wrath extolling virtue of
meekness towards friends, toward kin
towards enemy
of this bright sphere
I saw my true reflection past all seeming
I saw no heart's rest there
then as the air after rain will glow
inside itself so I myself might know
and you too know my actions, my obsession

There was a woman who left her home
Who left her home did she
She travelled afar to a land of scorn
To a land of fire, to a land of .......

It's late for violins but here's a list of amulets:

I like knives cause how they cut says
Girlhood fits the girl says
losing a mundane edge says
narcissistic notebook says
juniper of the west coast says
leather sac of seeds, ovary says
my bi-sexuality says
my flesh, nature of a boy says
soybeans rattle in a plastic container says
a strauss crystal because there's always sun says
also it's a musical instrument says Tuscarora Gulch says
This song book was my first exposure to poetry says
I have a poster by Rousseau on my wall back home says
You keep seeing more animals as you look harder says
Capt. Kenneth Backus , missing since 1967


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