Friday, December 30, 2005

Anne Waldman

I took off the POW bracelet shearing sheep says
We were looking for sapphires says
They were looking for gold as far back as 1860
a painter, a sculptor, actress died in a car crash in Denmark says
sure enough Salvation Army says
I sing to the garden says
In this little bag I keep several things - this
piece of wood is from a tree hit by lightning, my sister
& I saw it from our window at home says
The sunflower seed is from the grave of Jack Kerouac
it's brought me several times to this school says
& here's a glass eyeball in a walnut shell says
The setting is irregualr, the setting is masculine says
this purse, yellow & red & black deepening it
reminds me of my old apartment back in Sweden says
There was a bed spirit in the apartment says
an irish time whistle is cheap, I got it in the
Indian Chesos mountains, it takes on marks, tone changes says
this horseshoe mails necklace is surrogate for 4 corners
Indian squash flower necklace says
There are 10 nails here says
my drawing pen melts says
This wallet represents ambivalence concerning earth connection says
I've had this plastic mushroom over 8 years, it was given
to me by an Irish minister says
my clip board is a portable desk, sturdy & strong says
my fairy necklace is hard burnished antique brass says
I have feathers in my brain says
I wed trust, a cord to wear says
I've never collected anything seriously says
I'd bring the spirit chaser from India but I was sick here's a bunt pan
instead says
I'm 28 I have a bird's eye view says
I have on little amulet of stamps says
But most of the stuff I have hardly has any stories says
O thank you I don't wear pink says
I need opera gloves says
I've been travelling a lot, everything down to bare necessity says
He was trying to break up a fight says
A little domestic Malaysian tool for eating says
Semi-precious stones becausse they have little fossils, barnacles in
them, says
Lichen forms on a medallion says
Small claws & green wings says
A terrible vow not to steal glitter.


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