Thursday, January 12, 2006

Note from the Editor

mmmWhen I left Naropa in 2003, I left with a handful of submissions for a zine that ultimately never got off the ground. It's theme was "Left for Dead" and ironically enough, it lived up to it. I'd just completed my MFA in creative writing, had a month old son, and was in the process of saying goodbye to close friends and moving cross country; all while trying to produce a zine with a long-distance friend in Texas... I'm not one to let a ball drop, but in that case, months from a mini breakdown from sheer lack of time to do my work, the ball fell and lay at my feet for some time. That said, I never intended to leave it there.
mmmThroughout this issue, you'll see ocassional notes to the editor from this lost zine as glimpses behind the zine process, but also as a reminder of how these things are produced and where they come from: time, money, and desire. Likewise, I've had to limit this zine to the web for lack of personal funds and lack of grants; leaving me with the two I do have, time and desire. I do desire it, to gather an artistic community and help entrench it together, and, also feeling somewhat in the barren lands of creativity, to feel in touch and a part of the larger Arts circle.
mmmIn this issue, you'll see work from that old zine intermixed with newer work by many talented writers and artists. Watching the Wheels: a Blackbird leans toward an oral focus which I would like to expand upon in the future, and so I invite you to send in readings, music, videos, anything you think is worthy and capable of being produced on the web, along with written work. Also, personally, I like putting faces with work, so I invite you to send in pics with your work as well.
mmmFinally, I am choosing to leave the comments on for this zine, creating feedback for the writers & dialogue between reader and writer/artist. I love that aspect. Please let me know if this is severely hated. Otherwise, it stays. Also, for pieces such as the "Note[s] to an Editor" and artwork, the images may be enlarged by clicking on them.

Thank you,

Dylan Hock
Watching the Wheels: a Blackbird
Jan. 2006


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