Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Kaisa Ullsvik

Two Encounter Tragedy

Two beside two took up together

to be turning over in the night to

be turning over eggs at nine too

She: someone we’ve known thinks

his work will generate into autumn amidst

words that speak of differential decay

He: the coniferous bearing cones

cone-bearing past pardons her, paints

her into an orange trailing behind time


After the tragedy, she swells into an apple

he bites and finds cavities some drum

plays and sadness is loss of solidity

Trust me, he says, her heartwood’s dead,

tries to support it she’s standard still

lines of sugar or leaves to watch fall


Two take too long to try to conceal

sealed off enemies within skulls begin

to bud, dust off and damp plantings

Concave to catch rainwater, two who

encounter such tragedy make sense, scents

of sensual fruit-bearing apple, seeds

Tethered together tiny pods take turns,

two take to basalt cracks winding

between paintings of trees having decayed


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