Thursday, December 29, 2005

Kyle Kaufman

a notes a round a friend’s house burns down

“ h o r r o r b e l l e c a s u a l l i k e ”

The group we gears for release,
never comes

the male pigeon chasing “his” girl
a dream of the heard and not seen

wets his pants to chase a dream
Lacan adds: thankful luck.

and, w/ each obliteration – commence.
where history prefixes a re.


and this movement
no one
line extend ing
is the dancer’s b o d y b e a t i n g

and we watch
b e a t i n g ,
movement between

s y n a p s e

raw &
woven skin

( 1. branches in wind (cherry)
2. pupil on page (pacing)
3. _____________
4. when death comes (miasma, char)

which cant be known, but around that black box
something leaves


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