Thursday, October 20, 2005

Two Pieces

quitting the Lonely

from killing columbus

Dylan Hock
( currently keeps his asshole clean (with soap!) in Muskegon, MI with plans to join his literary compatriots in San Francisco this summer. He has been editor in chief of three literary journals: Ink: a Literary Brothel, Bombay Gin 29 , and most recently, Watching the Wheels: a Blackbird. His work has been published in: Ill Times Magazine, 3 therefore 2, El Pobre Mouse, and others. He has lived, and worked extensively studying the works of Ezra Pound, with Pound’s family at Brunnenburg Castle, Dorf Tirol, Italy; read on a small European tour, including Shakespeare & Co., in Paris, France, and Ruigoord, Amsterdam, Netherlands, at the invitation of poet/writers Nina Zivancevic and Hans Plomp. He is the author of a one act play, So Much Noise, and is currently finishing his novel tentatively titled, killing columbus. Recently, he finished filming for a blind role in a reality-documentary investigating the credibility of The DaVinci Code, titled Quest for the Code, due out this May; who knows.... He has work forthcoming from One Less.


Blogger GreatOne said...

Wow, Dylan. Small world or just short roads. And don't use dial, it makes us Hocks chaff.

yo cuz Chris

Saturday, January 28, 2006 12:48:00 PM  

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